Tuesday, July 10, 2007



benjamin said...

There are problems with this cartoon:

- it's not funny, because it's OLD.

- a cartoon like this, with no apparent joke or clever theme, appears to be propaganda. The motives and political leanings of the cartoonist are therefore put in question.

- this cartoonist believes the media has absolutely succeeded in establishing the point of view that "floods," "storms", and "fires in the west" occuring after [insert arbitrary date here] are caused by humans, and anybody who questions that POV ought to be called "crazy". Apparently that's the punch line here. However, polls show that most Americans do not believe climate change is "a threat" nor are even convinced that it's caused by humans.

benjamin said...

This is nuts for me to waste my time here, it doesn't look like anybody even reads this blog. But, also:

- critics of the theory of human-caused global warming do not argue that "there is no global warming" or that 'climate does not change'. Rather, they are the first to point out that climate cycles have been occurring for millions of years in the past and are therefore will probably occur in the future.

- the cartoon depicts the theory's critic as the hysterical evangelist. However, given the hysteria and religiousity that constitute globalwarmingism in the media today, the characters' roles in this cartoon clearly ought to be reversed, with one globalwarmingist depicted as the hysterical envangelist and two passerbys depicted as the observers.