Monday, January 07, 2008

From my Sketch book

This is a page from one of my sketch books. All of them were done with sharpies.

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Flippy Spicecakes said...

Hi Jim- I love your sketches. That is AMAZING sharpie work. It's inspiring. I got your email about welcome to the club, but I couldn't find it on my profile page?! And I'm still finding my way around on JF, so I don't even know how I went from one blog to this blog??!!#% But I looked through all your designs and I love what you do with landscape in your backgrounds. I love that. It really shows your love of the land. (I have that too, but I never really tried to show scenery like that. It's very inspiring!) I just re-watched Cars, and that scenery animated of radiator springs is just breath-taking, and I thought of that when looking at yours. So very nice to meet you!-Lilly