Thursday, January 29, 2009

Katie and Shaemus

When I was a kid the words "Snow Day" were like every holiday wrapped up in one. Hours of playing outside in the snow tormenting siblings and sliding down the hill on my Grand fathers farm (that was also a cow pasture so you can imagine the obsticles we had to avoid) were some of the best days of my life. Now that I'm an adult (some would argue the point) the words have taken on a new meaning. The first thought you have when you see the words "School Closed" scrolling across the screen in the morning is "what will I do with my child?" If you're me and work at home in between real jobs it's not a problem. I go sledding and paint and impart words of wisdom. Unfortunately most people aren't as fortunate. I regret sometimes not having the kind of job that pays alot of money and the comforts of a regular schedule that being an artist rarely has, but in the long run twenty years from now when I'm sleeping on my daughters couch, eating her food and painting in her basement at least she'll have fond memories of a dad who was always around.

This is artwork for a book idea I had last weekend. Although these two siblings love each other deeply they aren't happy unless they are making life hard for each other.

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