Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haitian tragedy

We live in a nation that at times can seem petty and so self absorbed that we can begin to become isolated from one another and lost in our various day to day concerns about what to wear to work, which piece of new technology to buy, what we would say to a particular talk radio host if we ever cornered  him in a dark alley, what to do with unruly kids, which political party is more evil than the other or who is the most attractive political candidate.  To each of us the daily life that we live has a certain amount of order to it and if by chance some thing should occur that disrupts our routines just a little  a vast majority of us would be at a loss as to what to do to regain control. Now imagine if you live in Haiti and have lived in poverty all your life, suffered through, war, disease and one natural disaster after another and then stop to think what you would do if every thing and every one you knew was destroyed. Life is precious and although we will never agree on almost anything most of us should agree that we need to help those who can not help themselves. If you pray please do so for the injured and the dead and if you don't please do what ever you can to help. I'm not a rich man but I'm willing to do what I can.  Skip your morning routine and find a better use for the money you would normally spend on your latte or bagel. We are a nation that loves to express ourselves by yelling at one another. How about just this once we do what we always tell our kids and prove that actions do indeed speak louder than words.  

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