Wednesday, September 22, 2010

South Bound

Fall is the one season that I have the most mixed feelings about. I love it because I live in a small town where it's hard not to feel like you live in a cliche. There are festivals of all sorts, sports start up again, colorful leaves are every where, school starts, geese start flying south, the temperature starts to get cooler and the amount of daylight decreases. The smells alone make it worth living through. Of course it means winter is not that far off and not being a big fan of snow I quietly hope, as not to upset my friends who are avid skiers that the snow if it comes doesn't do so until Christmas. And then only long enough for my girls to have a white Christmas. This is one of my recent paintings depicting a Goose who has decided to take enough with him this year so that when the time comes he will stay in Florida while all the other Snow Birds head back north.

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