Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Civility Reboot or Not!

The only people that are convinced that changing the seating arrangement at the State of the Union speech is a sign of a new era of civility in Washington DC are the people that think the American people are naive enough to believe anything that comes out of any politicians mouth. Primarily the Politicians. By naive I actually mean devious and self serving. The President will give his speech, they all will clap to much, the pundits will over analyze the speech, the facial expressions and body language and the individual Politicians will be interviewed and speak of how good natured they were to one another. The opposing party and it's sub party will give their responses which will contradict whatever the President says and within a day or two( probably sooner) the nonsense will begin all over again. Meanwhile the rest of the country will continue to search for work, struggle to put their kids through schools that are being turned into Walmarts and Prisons, cope with failing infrastructure and businesses being sent overseas and somehow make it through another day because that's what we do. Or I could be wrong....but I doubt it.

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