Friday, February 27, 2009

Cartooning can be dangerous.

Ironically in an era of news papers being shut down and cartoonists loosing their jobs the protest over a recently published cartoon in the New York Post shows just how effective having cartoons in a publication can be. However the complete lack of good judgement and knowledge of cultural sensitivity on the part of the cartoonist and his editors shows how destructive images can be to the fabric of a civil society. Many cartoonists throughout history have actually played a big part in revealing the true character of some truly vile characters in business and politics. Unfortunately they have also helped to reenforce terrible stereotypes of many ethnic minorities in this country. As a cartoonist I think one of the most important tools is knowledge. Especially if you are going to attempt any sort of social commentary. When you can think beyond the boundries of your own upbringing and social norms the insight you gain into the lives of others should help to inform the content of your work. As with anything in life the universal rule should be followed, "Think before you act!"

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