Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

To be honest I've always had mixed feelings about the military and that includes during my time in the Marines. Part of me realizes that the world is a hostile and chaotic place where sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to to have a bigger stick while the other part likes to to think that we as a species should be able to resolve our issues without violence. With that said I don't think that there will be anytime in the near future where nations or extremist groups (from both ends of the spectrum) will sit down and resolve their conflicts over a beer. Despite my idealism I'm still a pragmatic individual and although I might like to see a world where no one is blowing each other up over who's God is the better one or who's patch of earth is holier I believe a strong military is important to the well being of our nation. Hopefully in the future the members of our military won't be forced into no win situations based upon trumped up threats or revenge fantasies. Although the war in Iraq will not truly be over until every last American has left the country for home or to complete the war in Afghanistan it's nice to see all the families reunited with their loved ones who in their own ways have completed the most important mission any member of our military can, coming home alive.


Anonymous said...

Well stated commentary, Jim. Unfortunately, there is still too much hate in our world. Most of those haters only respond to the threat of a big stick. America has it's share of hate groups, elitists, "progressives", and wrong headed militias. I am an advocate for Second Amendment rights, but I choose to vote my conscious. I sincerely hope your goal of illustrator is fulfilled soon. Do not let the current political situation or economy get you down. Siempre Fi.

Artsdeco said...
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Ginger*:) said...

Just joyful!